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President: Karen Smith

1st VP, Programs: Terri Seat

2nd VP, Membership: Arlene Watters

Secretary: Daryl Hern

Treasurer: Sam Seat


Cemetery: Susan Zimmer

Research Grp: Randy Seaver

DNA Group: Randy Seaver

Education: Susi Pentico

Estate Papers: OPEN

Historian: Susan Zimmer

Hospitality: Jane Furnish

Librarian:  Carrie Holleron

Newsletter: Randy Seaver

Drawings:  OPEN

Webmaster: Gil Leon-Guerrero

Saturday General Mettings

  • Tuesday, January 31, 2017 5:27 PM
    Reply # 4578639 on 4511107
    Anonymous member (Administrator)


    I think Sam Seat's comments are what we should try. Being a very long time member, we older members have learned every time we move events we loose people.  

    The library closed on Monday's so we moved to Wednesday's. 

    I do have concerns for a business meeting for those whom would llike to attend and think we can look at the calendar and preplan 3 meetings a year on Sunday or Saturday. I know we had one on Sunday last year due  to multi schedule situations.

     1.  We need to plan it like a special event so everyone is aware of the different day and time.(Including our own members)

    2.  We need to advertise it to our community and at least 2 months ahead of time, possibly longer.

    3.  Our speaker for that meeting should be someone that would draw members from the community.  Advertise is our biggest besides way advance planning.


  • Thursday, January 05, 2017 12:59 PM
    Message # 4511107

    At the January CVGS board meeting, we had a discussion on moving the General meeting to Saturdays. People who work cannot attend our general meetings because they are on Wednesday afternoons. I have ask Wanda to look to see if and when the CV Library Auditorium is available on Saturdays. Do you think moving the general meeting to Saturday is a good or bad idea?

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