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  • Thursday, July 05, 2018 4:12 PM | Anonymous member

    Saturday will be presenting data learned at Grand Rapids Seminar.

      At least some of it. Took me  4 days and 1 night to be exposed to what I had time for.

      John Philip Colletta, Phd.,FUGA  started off the Seminar with a terrific talk about the

      ERIE CANAL and the People whom made it happen. 

      Having studied the history because an ancestor helped to build it, I learned so much 

      more than what I had previously been exposed to. It helped to develop the state into 

      what it has developed into today.  It created jobs, of many you wouldn't even think of.


     Jen Baldwin presented a very interesting topic in regards to every human whom lived at 

     the time of development of this country.  Ironic we still are plagued by some of it today.


     Her topic was  on, what the people drank to live daily and not die from disease and contaminated

     water. "Yeast, Grain, Hops and Water, the impact of Beer in American History."  Amazing how  

     we take so much for granted in how we think they really lived. O yes, we do.  

      Excellent talk and I ordered the disc but it has not come in yet.

     Tony Burroughs,FUGA   next did a talk on the War of 1812.  Since we have many researching these records I thought  it would be a great talk to listen to.   It was. He talked about how it affected our genealogy and the records created for us to use in research.  He mentioned the Archives, Libraries, 

    and Repositories for files created for us to learn more about our ancestors.    I recommend this to you all.   A tidbit, war was not fought then as it is today in many ways especially in camps.

    The end of the day I chose to listen to information on Pennsylvania Research.  

    Being a tad sad because was hoping that more information would surface in the learning of the great state of Pennsylvania.   Not her fault. Having instructed on the Golden Gate Forum for ten years on Pennsylvania Research there was little new information but there was some.  I suspect the 

    utilization of the Genealogy Society of Pennsylvania is something we should all use  more. 

    We really need to utilize our societies more in the areas of our research. State and local regions in the state. Speaker was: Kristine Harms

    That ended our first day.    

    if time allows we may cover more but suspect that will fill our Saturday afternoon.

    Please come in to enjoy, it is free.  




  • Friday, June 15, 2018 3:38 PM | Anonymous member

    Hi Susi,

    I'm delighted to share this emotional reunion between a father and daughter who met for the first time today on The Today Show, thanks to MyHeritage DNA and just in time for Father's Day.

    Sarah, from Fort Wayne, Indiana (now living in the Netherlands) was placed in adoptive care as young child by her mother. To try and find her biological family, she took a MyHeritage DNA test that her husband purchased for her. She was shocked when she got a match to her biological father, Arland, who didn't even know she existed.

    Sarah and Arland then spoke on the phone numerous times, but today was the first time they met. 

    Watch their emotional reunion which just aired on the Today Show and feel free to share it with your friends and followers:


    Best regards,


    Daniel Horowitz

    Genealogy Expert

    MyHeritage (USA) Inc.,
    2975 Executive Parkway,
    Lehi, Utah

  • Tuesday, June 12, 2018 9:08 PM | Anonymous member

    Hi Susi,

    In anticipation for this summer’s tournament, we wanted to share a sneak peek of an exciting project we’ve been working on. To get into the spirit, we challenged 8 international football (AKA soccer!) legends to question everything they know about team rivalry and national identity.


    They each took a MyHeritage DNA test and were shocked to discover how their origins break down. We revealed to the players their ethnicity results, information about their DNA Matches, as well as family history research with historical records and photos of their ancestors. England's legendary John Barnes? Should have played for Scotland! German captain Lothar Matthäus? 24.3% English!

    We were delighted to have the opportunity to bring together these eight legendary footballers to discuss their careers and rivalries, and to delve into their family histories. The players now anticipate cheering on some new national teams — based on newly discovered heritage — during this summer’s tournament. To learn more about the players’ family histories, ethnicity results, and to watch them discuss their discoveries, visit Football DNA.

    Please share this exciting video of the 8 football legends discovering their roots with your audience!


    Daniel Horowitz

    Genealogy Expert


  • Thursday, April 26, 2018 5:08 PM | Anonymous member

    I am downsizing and sharing. If you are not aware Genealogical Quarterlies many times hold the clues and information you need to crack the Brick Wall.

    If you will post the state you would like to read more about and really learn information on family.  I have given NY to Joanna Ward that came from Shirley Becker,  I am sharing Ohio data with my sister in law and two other people but Ohio puts out more than one magazine. As I shared Maine with Shirley, why because Massachussett's claimed Maine, and some of VT and NH very early.  Just like NY was responsible for VT and then VT became independent.  Also Ohio had land from the Rev War given from eastern State of NY. Ohio was also part of the Northwest Territory prior to development. Remember almost every state was affiliated with other states before complete development of boundaries were set then changed.  

    Do you know what State now has a Boundary dispute in 2018?

  • Thursday, April 26, 2018 5:02 PM | Anonymous member

    This next Saturday 5 May will be another Lost Ancestor's Day bring your missing ancestors and some 5 Gen Charts. 

    The presentation will also cover information on Pennsylvania Research.

    Make sure to attend. Also it is free.  

  • Thursday, April 26, 2018 3:46 PM | Anonymous member

    The Legal Genealogist just posted on her web page data about Nebraska Documents.   

    The Legal Genealogist: Nebraska Public Documents. Title  blog: 

    Nebraska Public Documents. 

    This was one site mentioned. 

    Nebraska Public Documents.

    Also do not forget to contact each local county for historical or Genealogcal Information if that fails it is important to contact the local Library.

  • Friday, March 09, 2018 9:07 PM | Anonymous member

    We will meet at the Lemon Grove Library  21 March , 6 to 8 pm.

    Are Your Plans Working For Research? By Susi and others.

    We will at times  repeat some of the events at Bonita-Sunnyside when we find they are needed for reinforcement. 

    Hoping to cover every state and many countries during this year. 

    We covered 9 states so far and 1 country. So much  more fun to come.

    Susi Pentico

    Educational Chairperson


  • Friday, March 09, 2018 8:59 PM | Anonymous member

    A small group but much was shared and exchanged. We welcomed two new members and re welcomed a member we do not get to see often due to her schedule.  Names and  places were discussed and we ended up with people making name connections again and people speaking to each other learning  more about research as we moved along.    

     A follow up at the Board meeting Wednesday is another member said, " I have that  name also".   

    So we have four people in the society with a surname none of us knew another shared.  Does anyone else have the name GOOCH?  

    When the statement is made to," leave no rock unturned," it really means share, ask, query, post and do it again. 

  • Friday, March 09, 2018 7:54 PM | Anonymous member

    FEEFHS News

    The Foundation for East European Family History Studies

    Early Bird Registration is Now Open!

    FEEFHS is pleased to announce that registration is now open for the FEEFHS 25th Annual East European Family History Conference to be held August 6-10, 2018.  The program will be at the Salt Lake Plaza Hotel, convenient to the nearby Family History Library for research.

    Celebrate FEEFHS 25th anniversary with us and learn from the experts in Slavic, Germanic, and other aspects of East European Genealogy. 

    This year's program features tracks in German, Polish, Austro-Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Russian, Jewish, and DNA research. Pre-Conference Workships are offered on August 6-7 on Finding the Village of Origin, Cyrillic for Beginners, Navigating Internet Resources, and German Document Recognition. You can preview the conference schedule here.

    Please visit the conference website for full details and registration information. Reserved lodging at the conference hotel is available at a special discounted rate for early-bird registrants. 

    Please forward this information to family members, friends, colleagues, and members of your local genealogical societies. You can also download, print, and share the conference flyer.

    Click on the flier image to go to the FEEFHS Conference page, where information about the conference is posted.

  • Saturday, February 03, 2018 6:17 PM | Anonymous member

    We had a nice group at the Workshop today. Sam Seat and Bethel Williams have found some things in common and two other people mentioned a potential common bond. Nice to see the new faces and the older members faces. Sounds like we have more people searching in Tennessee also. I heard SC., NC, Tenn,PA, KY, Canada and Georgia in conversations. 
    Yes there were others mentioned to. By asking the question of share one name and one state with the others in the room it helped to break the ice. It also helped to learn where others were researching. O yes Connecticut and New Jersey were also mentioned. I have forgotten the other names and places.

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