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1 to 4 pm Bonita- Sunnyside Library Today Saturday. Free

Saturday, August 04, 2018 10:15 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Bonita- Sunnyside Library 1 to 4 pm

4 Topics from the NGS Seminar in Grand Rapids

Presenting data on four subjects and hope to come back and do the other 5.

The biggest reward was seeing people I have worked with since the old Golden Gate Forum group in the 1990's. Also seeing some of my east coast cousins for the first time in person.

We will talk about: Water Ways and Travel, War of 1812 data, Key DNA Information, What they drank to stay alive, and maybe one more depending on questions and time.

So grateful I was a team member of the old Golden Gate Forum. 122 + leaders shared information with each other and attendees. We set many records and going to this Conference in Michigan so reminded me of the attitude and caring that was developed at that time and many were there.

To me, they approach research a wee different than us West Coast people do. Of course many are not far from where they need to dig, others are at a distance. The prospective of how to approach research and presentations had a different air about them.

Hoping you come and learn some of the cool information that was shared. Some was things I have never heard broached let alone discussed. Jamboree I have been to many times but this was sure interesting and fun and so educational.

Looking forward to the one next year.

A small hand out and query will be given.

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