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David Bejarano, The warrior from Béjar, Spain...

Saturday, October 21, 2017 4:52 PM | Deleted user

Figuerora, Rhadamés (2017, October 8).  San Diego Union Tribune -HOY San Diego.

Click here for Spanish version:

David Bejarano, The warrior from Béjar, Spain

From Hoy newspaper - October 8, 2017

The former Chief of Police of Chula Vista, David Bejarano, during a genealogy talk in which his specific genealogy was discussed. (Rhadamés Figueroa)

Written by Rhadamés Figuerora       

[English Translation by Ana Castro (CVGS member)]

Genealogy research is about the origins of an individual.  Traces the linage, family and their history.

On September 30th, the Chula Vista Genealogical Society celebrated Family History Day at the Public Library with a special presentation: “Who is Chief Bejarano?”

Raul David Ramirez Bejarano, former Chief of Police Department of Chula Vista, who is well known in the county of San Diego for his more than 35 years of service working towards law enforcement. He is one of the most exponents of Hispanic heritage in the region.

However, from a genealogical point of view, he is also known as “The Warrior of Béjar.

“I like how that sounds”, said Bejarano between laughs during the presentation.

The history of the surname Bejarano goes back to the city of Béjar, in the province of Salamanca, Spain.

The etymology is pre-Roman and has some Jewish.  Ramirez, derives from the Visigoths who invaded and conquered the Roman Empire around the year 378.  It is an allegory of the word warrior.

Besides the etymology of his surnames, Bejarano found new branches on his family tree thanks to the genealogy.

“I discovered three generations of my family I did not know”, commented Bejarano. “I only knew that my grandparents were from Chihuahua (Mexico).  My maternal grandfather died before I was born, and the same for my paternal grandmother”.

“I am very emotional, like all my family”, he added.  “I’ve learned a lot about my ancestors, their names and surnames.  The history of the “Ramirez-Bejarano”.  Dates of the family that I did not know, photos that I had never seen before.  We are very happy because it is something we never expected”.

This investigation was conducted by Ceasar Castro, President of the Chula Vista Genealogical Society.  He and Bejarano met for several sessions to gather information and some of the known dates.  The rest was a labor of a genealogy detective.

Ceasar would have been a great detective in homicide”, reassured Bejarano.  “He did a great investigation with very little information that I gave him. He reviewed legal documents, letters from the era, marriage certificates, and baptismal registries of my family in Mexico that I had never seen in my life”.

Ceasar’s objective was to find 32 3rd Great-grandparents of Bejarano.  A journey to the past, which began in the 19 Century.

“In genealogy you do much more than to look for only Acts of baptism or marriages”, noted Castro.  “Review of the census, finding different types of documents that offer various forms of information”.

“In some cases, when I find eight great-grandparents I don’t continue the, investigation, even though one could find more further back”, he explained.  “In other cases, I don’t need dates because I find the marriage records and documents”. 


Thanks to the prominence in the community of Chula Vista, the Genealogical Society who presented to Bejarano the proposal to carry out a study on his ancestors.  The former Chief of Police did not hesitate to accept the invitation.

“It was something that caught my attention”, reassured Bejarano.  “Today there are even DNA test.  It was something I had on my to do list.  I wanted to know more about my family.  When Ceasar called the opportunity was made available”.

Thanks to this research, Bejarano learned that three of his surnames (two of his father’s and two of his mother’s) are Spanish in origin.  The etymology of the Zelio surname, of his ancestors can be found in Michoacán, Mexico, but also in Switzerland and Italy.

Another relevant find was in the name of Martín Ramírez.

“One of the things that surprised me was that he (Bejarano) was not sure of the name of his maternal grandfather was Martín Ramírez”, said Castro.  “But obviously his grandfather had been dead a long time”.

Present during the presentation about the Bejarano ancestors, were his wife, Esperanza Bautista, his three children and four grandchildren including Catherine Bejarano, who at present was only three days since birth. The youngest member of the new generation of the Ramírez-Bejarano.

“We are planning a vacation with most of my children to Spain and we are going to visit the city of Béjar to get to know more”, commented Bejarano.  “This experience has been something very interesting.  Not only for me, but also for my whole family”.

Translated by Ana Castro (CVGS member) 

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