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21 June Bonita Sunnyside Library Meeting 1 to 3 PM

Monday, June 06, 2022 1:02 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Welcome to Attend, Genealogical Information Shared

We will go over the names we have shared.  Has anyone helped others or found they are both looking in same places?  

We will share new data that is available for others to use.  

A new sight to scan, a new publication to help in research, new vitals printed somewhere.  Success in your research. ??? 

Maps, we touched on them last month and how vital it was to know when, to go with the where.  

Example: At one time most states had just a small village or hamlet. That expanded to an area. As the area grew the boundaries changed.  

With the boundary changes, names changed and what was Berks Co. PA was split  to several counties. Same as States.   

Then you have to remember the states boundaries changed as time and development happened.  What was Ohio Territory may now be PA or WVA 

as in a states new boundaries.  

The big one in early development after the Rev. War was land was given in payment to service men in areas they were nor in or from. Many sold them for funds. Others moved there and developed the land. Connecticut covered the top of PA. New York had land given in OH. This is just a tease for you to realize it is not always where you think.  

Remember Pennyslvania claimed 50 miles south of their real border as theirs and Maryland claimed 50+ miles into Pennsylvania as theirs.  There by bringing about the Mason Dixon line in the long wrong.  

CW caused the split of Va to be VA and WVA. There were boundary disputes between VA and North Carolina also. 

Time frames matter when looking for someone. They may have been there but you didn't make the name location change.   

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