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Society Board

President: Karen Smith

1st VP, Programs: Terri Seat

2nd VP, Membership: Arlene Watters

Secretary: Daryl Hern

Treasurer: Sam Seat


Cemetery: Susan Zimmer

Research Grp: Randy Seaver

DNA Group: Randy Seaver

Education: Susi Pentico

Estate Papers: OPEN

Historian: Susan Zimmer

Hospitality: Jane Furnish

Librarian:  Carrie Holleron

Newsletter: Randy Seaver

Drawings:  OPEN

Webmaster: Gil Leon-Guerrero

Topics I would love to see us address to make us more viable to community and each other.

  • Saturday, July 04, 2015 2:21 PM
    Reply # 3418711 on 3335595
    Educational Chairperson, SP

    Just to let you know these items have been brought up at board meetings and so far no action. I will endeavor to create an action item so that we do this.

    Would you be willing to help with being a participant?

    Seems many ask but then do not show  up so anyone interested in these topics you will notice. We have been having more open Research meetings at our Saturday event with interaction amongst members for the regions they are digging. 

    Last I heard we have had cousins of distance find at least one cousin of distance within our walls. 

    We also have discussed evening visits to the library since it is summer time and light later at night.  Would you be willing to attend an evening session?  We used to do this also.

    Appreciate all feedback.  Thanks for the input.

  • Thursday, May 07, 2015 11:34 AM
    Message # 3335595
    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    1. A Tour of our Library and what has genealogical Significance to us.  

    2.  More time spent in our own library going through the books.   More in books than on line always.

    3.  More interactive time in a less formal setting, to get to know where everyone is researching and more sharing of resources and data found.

    4.   We have many people who could help from home but just are not being put to work in small ways.

    5.  I wish you  all a great life and we will get past all the funky stuff I hope.

    6.  Odd Saturdays for research in our Library with docents on hand.  I am not to happy about moving meeting date. WE did this in the 90's and lost people. Of course now we are moving to a different venue due to reconstruction.  : > )

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